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If you are searching for a Russian bride but you are tired of multiple “agencies” which were created for profit only – then we will be glad to welcome you on our site! We a serious marriage agency and only women and men with serious intentions are welcomed here. All the women on our site are real, they pass several stages of checking before activation of their profiles in order to delete all the scammers and frauds who came to Internet for profit only. You can be sure that on our site you will receive real letters from real women and finally you will find exactly Your woman!

Why to choose our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women?

You can have a wide choice of Russian and Ukranian girls. We have more than 100 000 Russian and Ukranian women who are looking for serious relationship. Every day more than 10 000 women come online. Almost all the time you can find here more than 2000 women online. It means that you can write letters to the women from the first 100 pages in Search result and be sure to receive the answer soon.
The best checking of scammers on the site. Our staff checks personally all the girls before activating their profiles, if we see that women are listed on some scammer lists or if we have suspicions that it might be some fraud then we do not activate their profiles on the site. We clean the site from scammers.
The best support on the site. You can always contact us to ask any question about problems on the site or about building the relationship and our managers will do their best to answer it. We are here to help you make a family with a Russian or Ukranian girl.

Registration on our personals site

Process of registration on our site is very simple and takes just several steps. You need to fill in all the necessary fields, write long answers to the questions in your profile and upload some your photos. Please, take into consideration that only your real photos of normal quality will be activated on the site. We do not activate photos depicting some celebrities, pictures from Internet, nude photos, etc. Just after registration you appear to be a Limited member and you are provided possibility 30 contacts with the women from Free gallery to see how the site works. Later you can upgrade your membership to be able to communicate with the women from Silver and Gold galleries, prices for membership and more information on its benefits you can find in the sections Upgrade or Prices in the bottom of your profile page.

Our matchmaking services

We do not introduce women to men personally and we do not arrange tours but we provide some matchmaking services to help western men to find their Russian dream. If you are tired of long searches of the woman of your dream then you can order our matchmaking service and we can make professional search of the women who correspond to your criteria and who will match you psychologically. After that we send all the women from the list letter telling about you and after that we will make a new list of the women corresponding to your criteria and willing to communicate with you and provide this list to you. You can find more information on this service and order it in the section Matchmaking services in the bottom of your profile page.

  • We are really proud by our statistic as it shows efficiency of our work.
  • We have more than 100 000 Russian and Ukrainian women registered on our site who are searching for serious relationships and serious western men to get married with. Every day more than 10 000 women visit the site. More than 50 000 letters is sent by our users every day.
  • We have been working during 7 years uniting Russian women and western men, during these 7 years thousands of people found each other thanks to our site. In summer and autumn we have around 3-4 weddings a day among the people who met each other on our site. In winter this quantity is somewhat less – around 4 weddings a week. In spring the quantity of wedding increases and makes around 4-8 weddings a week.

Writing letters unites hearts

Writing letters is the most popular way of knowing Russian women on our site. Especially important is writing first letter as it gives to a woman the first general idea about you. That’s why the letter should contain some basic information about yourself, give to the woman some facts about you, but do not give her any details – let she ask for the details by herself.

Chat opens new horizons of communication

Chat can be also one of the means to meet beautiful Russian women. Not all the women who are online are in chat, so you can write them short letter inviting to chat and probably after such invitation they will come there. Remember that not all the women percept it normal when some unknown man is inviting them to chat, so probably it would be better if you exchange several messages with the woman until going to chat.

“I have not been contacted for some time” feature

Some women can be very interesting and charming, but for some reason they do not receive real letters, only winks and postcards. If you see inscription “I have not been contacted for some time” on profile of women it means that she did not receive real letters for more than 3 days, you can write her a letter and for sure she will be glad to receive it

Photo contests – one more possibility to meet a Russian woman

We have several photo contests in our site for different categories of photos. Upload photos in your profile and put them for some photo contest. You will not only get rating of your photos but also will receive one more possibility to meet women. If some woman likes your photo and she gives you 10 mark then you will receive notification about it and from this correspondence can start which can lead to something more.

Searching for
a Russian wife

Why to choose for a Russian wife?

Many men believe that Russian women keep the essence of being a woman as they are very beautiful and care a lot of their appearance. Even if the woman has very moderate incomes she will pay all the forces to look good. Many Russian women just cannot imagine that they can go to the shop or somewhere else without at least minimum make-up and getting themselves in order.

But apart from being beautiful women care a lot of the relationships and family. Having family and children is No 1 goal for many Russian women and many women percept it as a personal tragedy when they cannot get married until they are 30. Many women hold advanced degrees and many work as professionals so they are not searching possibility to escape from their own country; they search for love and understanding. Many foreigners after communication with Russian women admit their high level of culture; many women are smart and well-read.

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